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Hands On Oracle Apps DBA 11i/R12 Training

Course Content:
Day 1
-Oracle Applications Background
Oracle Applications E-business Suite Current,Logical, physical and functional components
-Operating System Configuration
E-Business Suite specific configuration of Oracle Enterprise Linux
-Release 11i/R12 Installation
Hands-on installation of E-Business Suite 11i/R12
Walk through of the structure of the installed Oracle Application.

Day 2
-Release 11i/R12 Patching
Details of Oracle Application Patching. Explaining Adpatch utilities.
- Release 11i/R12 Patching Lab
How to apply Patch ? Practical session.
- Patch Troubleshooting Tips
How to rectify the issues while patching?

Day 3
-Release 11i/R12 AD Utilities
Details of various Ad utilities which can make DBA life easier.
- Release 11i/R12 AD Utilities Lab
Actually using and performing hands-on of Utilities.

Day 4
- Release 11i/R12 Autoconfig
Details of Autoconfig. What exactly happens while running autoconfig
- Release 11i/R12 Autoconfig Lab
Running Autoconfig on the existing Oracle Application.

Day 5
-Release 11i/R12 Cloning
Task which Apps DBA perform very frequently. Details and in depth understanding of Rapid Clone utility and process.
- Release 11i/R12 Cloning Lab
Actually Performing Cloning operation for the existing Oracle Application

Day 6
-Basics of Concurrent Manager
-Troubleshooting Concurrent Manager
- Miscellaneous Utilities and Concepts
OATM, Shared APPL_TOP, Some downtime reducing Techniques.
Other benefits
- Remote unix access to server to practice at your leisure for two months (with prior appointment)
- Support for next two months for technical issues

Some FAQ’s:

How will the training work?
The training is given by the Instructor.
Instructor will explain and give Live demo on Oracle 11i/R12 Apps tutorials over a web conferencing software.
Trainer can also take control of your PC/Laptop in case you get stuck while...

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