Samsung Environment

Samsung Environment

Think about environment and you will probably think about nature, rare species or open countryside, not mobile phones or computer laptops. However, electronics plays a VITAL role in our environment and that’s why Samsung ensures that ALL their products are designed and manufactured environmentally friendly, by IMPROVING the performance and MINIMISING the impacts of their operations on our world.

In order to make their products environmentally friendly, Samsung have created the Green Management System to make efforts on how to improve issues such as the environment.
Samsung create a sustainable society whereby the Environment, Safety and Health play crucial roles in making sure harm done to our planet is minimised.
The Green Management system has been created by Samsung to improve how Environmental, Safety and Health impacts can be implemented and managed during production and service.

This system is really important and that is why all the employees participate in it, as problems are aroused by individuals, which are then discussed.
By using a specific plan, Samsung can make changes, and improve their products, to comply with their initial Environmental Policy.

This management system is operated in the order of PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACTION.
It is the whole process which Samsung looks at to make their products environmentally friendly. Which means, not only do they use renewable raw materials, they also make sure that transportation, production, usage and end of life disposal of their products have less impact on our environment.
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So how do they make sure that their business is environmentally friendly? Basically they look at the whole of the organisation rather than the product itself. This means that they make sure their process and workplace meets the Samsung’s Environmental Policy.
Green Products: This is to minimize environmental impacts and the make their products environmentally friendly through product design, PRODUCT USAGE and end...

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