Samsung: Outstanding Figures

Samsung: Outstanding Figures

1. Samsung: Outstanding figures

Digital Media

Digital Media Business showed significant growth in the high end of the market, especially in flat panel TV (FPTV). The company also successfully transitioned product focus from DVD players to DVD recorders. Besides, it continued to expand laptop sales and increased ratio of high-value-added products, including FPTVs, LCD monitors, DVDs, digital camcorders, laser printers, notebook PCs, and MP3 players.

Samsung achieved the top global market share (in terms of both revenue and units sold)
for digital TVs for the year. Overall TV sales broke US$10 billion, an industry record. The new-style LCD TVs line, which has been hugely successful since their March launch, were followed by a new line of full-HD LCD TVs in the second half. The plasma TVs have also been very well received in the marketplace.

Samsung gained record-breaking business performance, boosted by high growth in the flat panel TV market and a steady increase in the sale of core products, such as LCD monitors, digital audio-visual products, laser printers and notebook PCs. The strength of Samsung’s market leadership position in TVs helped it to maintain the No. 1 market share position across all TV market segments, from conventional TVs to flat panel and LCD TVs. It also ranked first in market share for monitors in 2007, widening its lead over other competitors. The printer business also showed enhanced market leadership by holding the No. 1 position in all-in-one mono laser printers and the No. 2 position in color laser printers.

Telecommunication Network

Samsung Electronics became the world’s third largest manufacturer of mobile phones, with a 12.6% market share in 2005.
Anticipating upcoming innovations, the Mobile Communication Division is committed to leading the mobile TV market, supporting HSDPA technologies, and continuing to strengthen its global position with ground-breaking mobiles and 3G handsets....

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