Samuel Walton

Samuel Walton

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The book describes a classic success story which is insightful and enjoyable to read .Below I have listed the views I had after I read the book made in America by Sam Walton.

Personality :-
Sam Walton, a person who not only established his own company from scratch, took a company and made it one of the biggest in the world. A lot can be said about Sam walton’s personality, determination, percivieriene, hard working, dynamic to name a few. Sam Walton was known for having a conservative nature as he didn’t travel first class. Seeing all the hardships in life, sam Walton worked him way to the top. Another important view point observed here is that he was a good contributor to the family. He would contribute by selling milk and magazines. This says a lot about his personality and personal qualities. To observe, the samagrams hosted also stated that all successful people have seen hardship and obstacles in their lives.
\ One of Sam walton’s principles are –“Be the best rather than being big.” This is the essence of his success as his always concentrated on his own personality rather than running behind success. He also believes that it is extremely important to believe in ourselves. One thing to learn from Sam Walton is that he was never stopped at any point. He was quick to point out his mistakes and rectify them as soon as possible. He put aside his personal egos and listened to each and every opinion given by the management, associates and part time workers in the company.
Sam Walton was known to have a friendly behavior and was also known to draw people wherever he went. This was a good quality of his personality that I think indirectly contributed to his success.

Leadership Qualities:-
Announced “America’s Richest Individual” and all of a sudden surrounded by Media and Folks. One of his major leadership qualities was that Mr. Walton was very honest about the mistakes he made in his life. It can be about not paying the clerks well or about not including...

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