The five types of friend - Desperate Housewives-style
Nov 30 2005 Western Mail

New research has pinpointed the five types of friend we all need.

Do your friends measure up to the Desperate Housewives?


Needy friends equate to the character of Susan in the show, who is always looking for reassurance and turns to you in the smallest crisis. Despite appearing to be a one-way relationship the fact that the person appreciates your help makes you feel better about who you are.


The Desperate Housewife Mary Ann is like the long-time friends we have all known forever.

They know all your embarrassing secrets and have been there during your most treasured moments and are someone you are always yourself with.


The character Lynette always has a plan to help pick you up when your world has come tumbling down and such characters are always there when you need them.


Friends such as the character Bree have already "got it together" in life. They know what they want and where they are going and tend to spur you on.


Naughty friends equate to the character Gabrielle, who is wild and crazy and out of control. They encourage you to indulge your fun side.

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