sand lime brick autoclave price

sand lime brick autoclave price

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Sand lime brick autoclave price
Sand lime brick as the new type green building materials, having the characteristics of good acoustic insulation, weak thermic insulation, good heat & humidity accumulation, good fire resistance. Sand lime brick autoclave is the hot sale product in pressure vessel market.

Sand lime brick autoclave price
Autoclave for sand lime brick price is not that stable, for there are some factors that may affect autoclave price flexibly. The autoclave for sand lime brick plant mainly is determined by the autoclave diameter and length, working pressure, Degree of automation, The number of door. The smaller the diameter and length is , the less material it needs, so the cheaper the autoclave is. The maximum working pressure of autoclave will decide wall thickness autoclaved kettle. The thicker the wall is , the higher the price is . for example , maximum working pressure of 1.5 MPa is more expensive than that of 1.3 MPa. Autoclave with manually open the door wastes manpower, and its efficiency is very low, but also the price is cheap; hydroulic opening and pneumatic autoclave are each equipped with a complete set of computer automatic control system, fully automated operation, for the user to save the human cost.

Autoclave for sand lime brick plant manufacturer
ZG autoclave for sand lime block plant is ISO 9001:2008 certificate, ASME U certified. ZG is true worldwide sand lime block autoclave supplier exporting equipments to varies countries including India, Pakistan , Oman ,Thailand , Argentina, Dutch, French,Italian,Spanish,Tanzania, Nigeria,Serbia,Kazakhstan,Malaysia,Venda,Singapore,Tunisia,Nigeria,Mozambique,Morocco Libya,Liberia, etc. Welcome to consult ZG online for autoclave price in Pakistan.
Sand lime brick plant
sand lime brick autoclave in India

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