Sand type and characteristics of high-performance What?

Sand type and characteristics of high-performance What?

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Sand maker is mainly used for manufacturing artificial sand and stone materials and it is an important sand making plant. Due to the faster and faster social development, natural sand cannot satisfy the production requirement any longer, and more and more sand needs to be produced with sand making machinery.

Sand maker is not only suitable for producing sand and stone materials, but for crushing cement, refractory material, glass and slag so that it has very wide application range.

VSI sand maker is a new type sand making machine manufactured by according to the market demand. Compared with traditional sand maker, it can save more energy, have higher anti-pressure strength and higher processing efficiency and the final products are even in granularity. It adopts hydraulic device so that it is easier to realize automatic production.
Features :

The Structure is simple, and the operating cost is low.
High efficiency and low power consumption.
It is more suitable for crushing materials of mid-hardness and high hardness.
Its product is of cubic shape and the density of piling up is high and the iron pollution is low.
Slightly influenced by the humidity of material.
The working noise is less than 75 decibels and dust pollution is on lower side.
Characteristics of River Gravel Sand Making Machineļ¼š

River Gravel Sand Making Machine is a new type of rock crushing equipment developed in the 1990s and is used for substituting roller crusher and ball mill. The structure of SBM sand maker is simple and the operation is stable; Low energy consumption, high output and big crushing ratio; Small bulk, convenient operation, installation and maintenance; The product is in the cubic shape with little iron pollution; During its working process, the stone rock can form a protective bottom layer which makes the equipment more durable; Some easy-wear parts adopt hard and wear-resistant materials and have small bulk and light weight, so that it can be changed...

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