Sap Paper

Sap Paper

Michelle Concepcion

Rochester Institute of Technology

E. Philip Saunders College of Business

Business Information System Processes

Research Paper: SAP Brookshire’s Grocery Co.

Prof. Nicholas C. Bucciarelli

July 31, 2008


I. Introduction 1

II. Brief Company History 1

III. Their Use of SAP 1

IV. Company’s Struggles 2

V. Company’s Success 2

VI. Conclusion 3

VII. Recommendations 3

I. Introduction

In October of 2004, Brookshire’s Grocery Company implemented SAP for financials. It was so well received that by March 2006 they started using SAP in their Human Resources Department, and in January 2007 they opted to add SAP for their Retail solutions (“Company” 1).

Before selecting SAP, the company spent one year trying to narrow down several ERP systems such as Oracle and PeopleSoft. What made them finally decide to use SAP was the fact that it met the company’s needs (Hoyt 2).

II. Brief Company History

Brookshire’s Grocery Company was founded by Wood. T. Brookshire in Tyler, Texas in the year of 1928. Today, the company has more than 155 chains in four states. The company also operates three distribution facilities. With an estimate of 12,000 employees, the Brookshire’s Grocery Company operates by the philosophy of “People First” “encouraging a service-driven attitude among all who worked alongside him and rewarding them with competitive wages and generous benefits” (qtd. in “Company” 1).

III. Their Use of SAP

Brookshire’s Grocery Company needed to implement an ERP system because as the Project Management Director, John Franklin, said “We were restricting our company's growth”, and “We were barely keeping our head above water. It was clear to us we had to make a change” (qtd. in Hoyt 3).

This company states that the there were several reasons why they chose SAP: it integrates all business...

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