Sara's Serious Reservations

Sara's Serious Reservations

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“Sara’s Serious Reservations Working with the CRO”

Sarah Shepherd is a Reservations Manager in one of a hotel in Bloomington. She was tasked to visit the Midwest Central Reservation Office to observe the on going flow of reservation for there hotel and hopefully could come up with recommendations and feedbacks. Along with her was many reservations managers, and one of them was Gabe a friend of her in one of the sister property in Bloomington that also join her team to observe 200 reservations agent answered an unending stream of telephone calls. Agents answer guest questions about rates, availability, amenities, and local attractions the whole works.
On there tour, they where introduce to Michelle, one of the most enthusiastic sales agent in the Central Reservation Office. They listen to her conversation with a guest that asked for a reservation to other hotel and surprisingly Sarah was amaze on the way she communicate excellently on there customers but during her next conversation with another guest that was asking some information about her hotel in Bloomington, she was a bit disappointed for there was to little information that she could offer to the guest and ended up on losing the sale for there hotel.
Sarah find out that there are only few information about there hotel and knew that the information that an agent can give to a possible client is limited only to the information that is stored in there database which is the responsible of Sarah to update and store as many information that she can collect to the Central Reservation Office, so that agent can sell there rooms more effectively.
After the tour she realize that the CRO could contribute a big sale to there hotel if she just pay more attention to this section.


• Midwest Central Reservations Office is a call center that handles room reservation calls and other related calls for a hotel chain.
• Sarah Shepherd is a Reservation Manager of a hotel in...

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