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NBA: nba [On-line]
(Accessed 19/10/2013)

A belief background information about The National Basketball Association:The NBA,which owns thirty basketball teams,is the top professional basketball organization from all over the world. The CEO of NBA is David Joel Stern.

It makes use of the star effect of two famous NBA players,Chris Paul and Steve Nash,to tempt increasing number of youngsters due to the fact that they both are well-known among the generation(the youth to young adults)

Not only is the NBA advertised on YouTube, but it is advertised on the TV commercials during the competition time too. It is a smart way to promote the NBA brand for the traditional TV generation and the internet generation simultaneously. Thus,this advertisement gets popular promptly. And the slogan of it is‘Unbelievable is Big’,which is trying to disseminate a kind of special NBA culture to the audience. Telling the audience that NBA is the place where the amazing happens.

The target groups of this advertisement are the people in the 15 - 30 year age group for most of people at this age witness the process of their progress from a rookie to a superstar. So this advertisement obviously targets the audience who know or like Chris Paul and Steve Nash.

As we can see from this interesting advertisement,it shows us a scene that Nash and a man are having a dinner in a restaurant and watching a NBA game on TV. All of a sudden,Chris Paul,who is playing basketball in the court ,disappears from the game,like magic. Then he turns up in that restaurant. After eating the chips, he comes back and finishes his game. At the end, that man shows a smiling face to our audience.

In fact, this is a common strategy to advertise their brand of NBA. First of all, they usually set the scene in some public places, like the restaurant. The main purpose of it is that they want to integrate the advertisement into most of people’s lives. After that, it...