Since Neolithic period Sarajevo had been inhabited.Today's suburb of Sarajevo Butmir is the most representative example of that.In 1893 the discoveries by Austro-Hungarian authorities were made accidentally during the building of the school.Unique ceramics and pottery were found.The culture was named Butmir Culture. Several Illyrian settlements existed in the area before it was conquered by Rome in 9 CE. During Roman times, a town named Aquae Sulphurae existed on the location of present day Ilidza, a Sarajevo suburb to the southwest of the city. The Illyrians in the Sarajevo region belonged to the tribe “Daesitates”, a war-like people who were the last to resist Roman occupation. Their defeat to the Roman emperor Tiberius in 9 A.D. marks the start of Roman rule in the region.

Whether the city of Sarajevo existed trough the midlle ages is unknown.

With the arrival of the Ottoman empire in 1461 and Isa-Beg Ishakovic Sarajevo was officially founded.Clusters of villages were transformed into a city and various objects were built including a mosque, a closed marketplace, a public bath, a hostel, and the governor’s castle (“Saray”) which gave the city its present name. The mosque was named “Careva Džamija” (the Tsar’s Mosque) in honor of the Sultan Mehmed II, who was Sultan of the Ottoman Empire for a short time from 1444 to 1446, and later from 1451 to 1481.After this Sarajevo quickly grew into the largest city in the region.During this period many Christians converted to Islam.Gazi Husrev beg was responsible for Sarajevo's growth, there were over one hundred mosques during that period in Sarajevo and there was large marketplace.After Istanbul it was Sarajevo that was the most important centre of the Ottoman empire in the Balkans. By 1660, the population of Sarajevo was estimated to be over 80,000.

In 1699 Prince Eugene of Savoy led a successful raid on Sarajevo and after that it was a bad period for the city.Sarajevo was burned.Almost everything was...

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