´╗┐Hello everyone. Welcome to week five of the Wisdom Goddess Empowerment with Sally Kempton. This week session is titled Your Word Is Fire with an emphasis on Saraswati. This is Nadirah, your host and course manager.

As usual, here are your quick technical reminders before we begin. If you are on MaestroConference and you have technical questions, please press 5 on your keypad and I will assist you. You can get your technical questions answered on the webcast by typing in the window provided. Please be sure to include your email address so that I can send you a response.

Sally, I'm turning it over to you.

Sally: Thank you Nadirah and hello everybody. This is a class on the goddess Saraswati, the goddess of speech, language and communication. So, it's very interesting and ironic that we had a communications glitch at the beginning of-- A technical communication glitch at the beginning of the class.

So I would like to start before we even do the introduction by reciting with you the Saraswati mantras just for the sake of allowing the call to proceed smoothly and then we'll do them a few times during the course, during the course of the call.

So Saraswati's core mantra goes like this. It's, "Om aim saraswatyai namaha om." So you can say it after me or think it after me. "Om aim saraswatyai namaha. Om aim saraswatyai namaha. Om aim saraswatyai namaha. Om aim saraswatyai namaha."

Like so many of you, I've been struck by the way in which the energies of the different goddesses have been permeating the week in which we practiced with them. And Saraswati is a goddess I feel very connected to and it's been very interesting to see how energized I've been since the week began with the incredible flow of words.

I actually hadn't "carried" on the fact that she was going to manifest for me as a stream of chattiness. Because ever since Thursday, I've been blabbing and yakking and just kind of giving forth the sort of blitzkrieg of words that just have...