satisfaction in your surroundings

satisfaction in your surroundings

If I had to describe a place where I was perfectly content, I would choose a hospital. Being in a situation that I know can be fixed with diligent work and an open mind is comforting. In life there are many things people take for granted, things most people would think of as common sense. I find contentment in the hospital setting because that is where I have spent a large portion of my life. Being in and out of the hospital as a young adult has shown me life may have obstacles, but with time I can conquer any obstacle.

The first affliction I was diagnosed at age six with was Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. The JIA inflamed most of my joints. When my joints became inflamed, I could not perform tasks such as tying my shoes or walking. The tasks most people could do on a daily basis were very difficult for me because the inflammation would cause me pain and discomfort. The second illness I was diagnosed with at age 13 was Blastomycosis. Blastomycosis is a fungal infection that affects my lungs. This also made it difficult to perform daily tasks. I would become stertorous and incapacitated. Both my disease and illness are currently under control with the medication I take.

When I visit the hospital I feel at ease knowing there are people that commit their time, effort, and lives to help others. I know when I leave the hospital I will be healthier. In the doctor’s office I never know what they will find, but when they find it they do everything in their power to aid me in the healing process. I feel that this situation has influenced my studies. I believe a great mindset combined with perseverance can help you achieve greatness.

While in the hospital with Blastomycosis I feared nothing would be the same as it once was, my life and family would be greatly affected, and I would not have the same unique personality. There were days where I could not move on from the negative thoughts. I began to blame everyone else, including my family, for...

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