Saudi Arabia Food and Drink Report

Saudi Arabia Food and Drink Report

We have a positive outlook on Saudi Arabia's food and drink industry, despite the short-term economic headwinds. Due to sustained household spending and a large consumer base, the Saudi Arabian market will encourage investment from foreign and domestic industry players. We believe that Saudi Arabia will remain one of the region's most attractive markets over our forecast period to 2020, despite plans to introduce an indirect tax in 2017, aiming to offset the decline in oil revenues.

Latest Updates & Industry Developments
■ Saudi Arabia's favourable demographics will boost food sales, as the country benefits from a large consumer base and high per capita food consumption.
■ There are plans to implement a tax on energy drinks and soft drinks to combat high consumption of unhealthy foods.
■ We believe that formal retailing will take more market share from independents, which will give longterm growth opportunities in the Saudi Arabian market.

Table of Contents
1. Industry Forecast
2. Consumer Outlook
3. Food Sales (Saudi Arabia 2013-2020)
4. Non-Alcoholic Drink Sales (Saudi Arabia 2013-2020)
5. Middle East & North Africa Food & Drink Risk/Reward Index Q216
6. Key Players In Saudi Arabia's Food & Drink Sector
7. Key Players In Saudi Arabia's Mass Grocery Retail Sector
8. Population Headline Indicators (Saudi Arabia 1990-2025)
9. Population by Age Group (Saudi Arabia 1990-2025)
10. Food & Drink Risk/Reward Index Indicators

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