Schindler List Essay

Schindler List Essay

The Schindler List

The Holocaust was one of the worst moments in humankind. For Jews this was the extermination of their race, for Germans an act of courage and love for their homeland. Jews did have difficult dilemmas like how to deal with the verbal insult from Germans, their children taken away from them and all the killing around them. But all the German’s were so bad? In my opinion no they don’t. A good example of this is the movie “Schindler’s List” direct by Steven Spielberg.

This movie shows how German mistreats Jews by verbal insult. An example of this is how Goeth said to the Jews rats like they were animals or objects. This was very common in the Germans because the think of Jews like an inferior race. Also the Germans were jealous of the Jews because they were better at everything, literature engineering and science. German treats Jews like a pest that is why they were killing them.

Jews were separated from their kids and family and divide into two or three groups, which were, man women and old people. Many children have to decide between run away alone or try to stay with their parent the longest they could. Sincerely my option was to stay with my parent. In the movie show us that a lot of kids decide the same thing and stay with their parents, some of them survive some of them did not but it is a risk that they took.

The worst part of all was the killing. German killed around 6 millions of Jews like they were animals and they seem to enjoy it and nobody said or did nothing. This is represented in the movie in a very intriguing way. The movie is in black and white but at some point of the movie there is a blonde girl like 5 or 6 year old wearing a red coats and running between people unnoticed and later we see the corps of the little girl. This red coat is a symbol of blood and torture. On the other hand we have Schindler mounted in a horse looking at the little girl; at this point we see the good side of one Nazi.

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