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One of human fundamental attributes is curiosity. To be able to quench your thirst for knowledge, you need to learn. Everybody wants to learn something. Not everybody wants to teach them. So it's easier to organize those who wants to learn and those who wants to teach into some learning place called school. Learning is made easier, they have curriculum, good administration, teacher that experts on their field, and so on.

For some people, school is important to study skills needed for living. Of course, you can learn at home or other places, but school offers many things that can not be attained other places. You can interact with your classmates, which maybe your future working partner, helpful friends, or a pal who will help you when things get ugly and you can not take it alone. Moreover you can meet teachers that maybe could inspire you for the rest of your life, and many more that I can not describe here.

Families will desire schooling for their children in order to reap the many private benefits associated with it. It has long been established that schooling enhances individual productivity and earnings. But in addition schooling seems to increase trainability, health, efficiency in consumption, access to information, and a wide variety of other private outcomes.

Schooling serves not only private ends in improving the lives of the children and their families who participate. It also serves the nation, region, and community by addressing a variety of social needs. Schools provide students with a common set of values and knowledge to create citizens who can function democratically. Schools contribute to equality of social, economic, and political opportunities among persons drawn from different racial and social class origins.

Schools are expected to play a major role in contributing to economic growth and full employment for the nation and its regions. Schooling also is viewed as a major contributor to cultural and scientific progress and to the...

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