School Is the Best Place to Learn

School Is the Best Place to Learn

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School is the best place to learn

School is the best place to learn in three main ways. Academically; because of the teachers skill and range, socially; because of the school environment and also to learn study skills; through time management and goal setting.

First of all, schools are adept at helping students to learn academically. To become qualified to teach in a secondary school you have to study for three years, minimum. The fact that this training includes time teaching a class of students under the observation of a qualified teacher, as well as being trained by experts ensures that teachers are well equipped to help school students learn. Another reason why schools are the best place to learn is because of the vast variety of subjects offered. Schools cater for students who prefer academic work as well as to students who prefer hands on work. Also, everybody learns at their own level, for example, if a student excels at mathematics but struggles with reading they will be accelerated in mathematics so they are continually simulated and challenged, whilst also receiving extra tuition in reading. Therefore, the school setting is the best place to learn academically.

Secondly, schools have an ideal environment for students to learn socially. Schools attract teachers and students from all different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds. People in classes together share so much time together they have to learn how to interact and behave with others who are different to them. Informal social skills are enhanced during breaks whereas students learn formal skills as they often come in contact with school staff. Students learn to respect adults. Students become socially adjusted through interactions at school.

Lastly, students learn study skills that will be useful to them whatever career they choose. Time management is taught through assignments set over long periods of time with a set due date. The students then have to manage their time effectively...

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