School Paper

School Paper

Law is my desire, dream and goal.

I am interested in Law because I have a great desire to help people. I also like to be able to give people guidance about the proper etiquette of being heard. My father is also a reason why I am interested in Law.

I see on a daily basis people experiencing difficulties and accepting it as if they do not have a decision or choice which is not so. I see in some neighborhoods laws falling thru the cracks because people do not know about them and no one has ever told them that they have a voice.

I would like to keep children, women and families safe. There are so many laws that's currently on the books that is not being exercised plus I would like to create some laws myself.

I would pass a law dealing with the family. I will make it mandatory that before a woman and man marry they must attend a 4 week therapy sessions. I will also pass a law making it mandatory every person arrested for DUI must attend 4 weeks of counseling before ticket is dismissed. I will create a law for children who are orphaned or in the juvenile system making it mandatory for them to receive counseling twice a week starting within one week of being in a facility. The next law will be for all children starting at the age of 13 to start receiving job training skills, and counseling from professional adults. It will be mandatory for all Corporations to adopt a school and tutor the student about life skills.

Thank you, for taking the time to read my essay. I am a hard working person and give my all in everything I do.

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