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Emrah Karabay
ENG 101-4
Nilüfer Yeşil
Essay 1, final copy
1 November 2013

Does The Internet Foster Freedom?
The issue of whether the Internet supports freedom has been a topic of debate all around the world over last few years. From some viewpoint the Internet creates a new free area for everyone. It helps to shape common sense and easily spread useful information all around the world when people face terrible issues like a scarcity and other global problems. It prepares the necessary atmosphere for becoming aware of these global problems On the other hand the other viewpoint It is a new kind of threat for all nations. It is difficult to find answer which is more important to humanity. Despite the positive effects the Internet does not foster freedom due to security, nationalism and capitalism.

Security is a big problem for both governments and companies when they use the Internet network which is a bridge between them and society. All governments need to protect their own secret political and military information from their enemies. The reason why governments should keep their national information secret is confidentiality an example that their enemies can use such information against them in a several area like military, financial, political and so on. For example, a few years ago there was a discussion between Russia and Google Earth which is a online map platform. Russia blamed this web site for disclosing their army secret area on the Internet. This situation pose a huge risk on Russia’s national security as these areas were likely to be targeted by terrorist groups. In addition to this example, Wikileaks and the USA have had a similar experience because this web site has declared secret correspondences, which included secret comments about other countries, between the USA embassy and CIA. According to Ash ‘’ Wikileaks used a portly USA government-funded circumvention technology. Tor, to enable whistleblowers to spill US’s...

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