If you surveyed one hundred people and asked them the question “What does it mean to be an American?” Chances are you would get one hundred different answers. There is no definite clear-cut definition of an American. To solve this burning question, a lot of information has to be brought forward to the public regarding what is means to represent the United States as a citizen of the country. If one truly wants to know what being a true American exemplifies then they must go to limits beyond their deepest thoughts imaginable to find their answer.

Throughout my own personal experiences, I have concluded that no one has a concrete definition of the word American. The truth is that the definition is changing every single day. Most people believe that being a true American includes being a legal citizen of the United States, following the laws and legislation passed before us by our founding fathers, and believing in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” In a sense, yes, this is a decent understanding of the word. It all just sounds very superficial and what a person expects to hear. Personally, I have a different take on the word American.

During the debate it was brought to my attention that having prior knowledge to current issues and economic statuses should play a role in being an American. This statement really had me nodding my head with satisfaction. As I mentioned earlier, the definition is far from stable and is constantly changing from day to day. If the United States as a country had a solid set in stone definition of what it means to be a true American, then maybe this country would be in better shape. The American population undoubtedly needs to be well informed with our economic status of this nation along with many other suppressing issues.

The truth of the matter is that the United States is no longer a nation of natural born American...

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