Lauren Garrity

Title : The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants
Author : Ann Brashares
Number of Pages : 294 pages

1. Setting : Time
* The time of this setting is novel is in the season summer. It is in past because in the begin it shows a prologue and says they are telling you the story o
the summer they found the traveling pants.
* The time span is over the season of summer so about 3 monthes.
* The age of the main chracters is seventeen.

2. Setting Place
* Well each friend went somewhere different for the summer.
a) Carmen - went to South Carolina to visit her father and be part of his wedding.
b) Lena - was spending time with her grandparents in greece
c) Bridgett - goes to soccer camp in Baja, California
d) Tibby -stayed at home

3. Important Conditions
* The social conditions are their bestfriends and that they have to spend the summer apart . They loved each other and they were nice to each other.
* A friendship likethat is rare , without that social condition there would be no point to the story. There would be no friendship , which would
make the story not as strong. Their never would have been the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants. Which means there would be no bond.

4. Theme
* The main conflict is they have to spend the whole summer without eachother. Each character had their own conflicts inner conflicts.
*The conflict is resolved by them sharing the special pants that means alot to each of them and they wrote letters.
It was really resolved when they meet again.
*That friendship means everything and bestfriends can be apart for a period time. They will still be bestfriends once their together again.

5. Recommendation
* I do recommend this book because it keeps you interested and wanting to read more.
* I recommend this book to pre-teens or teens girls. It isn't that boring and it's about friendship. It's a good book for teenage girls.

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