schools of psychology

schools of psychology

Schools of Thought in Psychology

Experimental psychology- a branch of the discipline that sets up
experiments to monitor how individual act in
particular situations

Clinical psychology- a branch of the discipline that develops programs for
treating individuals suffering from metal illnesses and
behavioural disorders.

Psychoanalytic Theory

-according to this theory the mind is divided into two parts…..the conscious and the unconscious. The unconscious mind is further developed into 3 parts, the id, ego and superego

-personality development and individual behaviour are governed by how the three parts of the unconscious mind interact


-the branch of psychology that tries to control / regulate human behaviour by identifying the factors that motivate it in the first place

-emphasis is placed on childhood and the rules and practices parents use to raise their children

Learning Theory

-the school of thought that believes humans are born with little instinct but much learning potential

-most human behaviour is learned, therefore, society can have a great influence

Schools of Thought in Sociology

Structural Functionalism

-the idea that human societies have basic needs that must be met

-the following are the fundamental requirements to ensure that society functions properly
* ways of satisfying material needs
* a system for socializing and educating the young
* a means for regulating human reproduction
* a system for co-ordinating society’s overall needs

-not concerned with the changes in society but on how its members perform their specified function based on shared values, beliefs and social norms

-a change in one thing in society will cause a change in something else therefore disrupting social cohesion


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