Sci/241 Week 3 Day 4 - Fiber Research

Sci/241 Week 3 Day 4 - Fiber Research

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What is the function of fiber in the body?
Fiber regulates digestion in the body.

What are some examples of food sources of dietary fiber?
Food sources of insoluble fiber would be: wheat, rye, rice and most other grains. Sources for both insoluble and soluble fiber are legumes, beans, and peas. In one half cup serving they have almost 7 g of total fiber and 2 g of soluble fiber. Certain foods would be: kidney beans, pinto beans, brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, zucchini, apples, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, prunes, oatmeal, oat bran, corn flakes, brown rice, whole-wheat bread, and white bread.

What is the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber?
Fibers are put into two classes: soluble and insoluble. They are broken down by how the perform in the gastrointestinal tract.
Soluble Fiber is a fiber that forms viscous solutions in water and can be broken down by the intestinal microflora. It includes pectin, gums, and some hemicelluloses.
Insoluble Fiber is a fiber that, for the most part, does not dissolve in water and cannot be broken down by bacteria in the large intestine. They include cellulose, some hemicelluloses, and lignin.

What are the fiber recommendations for children verses adults, according to the article?
Once a child reaches two (2) years of age the Step I diet should be gradually put into their diet. That reduces total and saturated fat intake to 30% and 10% of total calories, respectively. The majority of their calories should come from complex carbohydrates (starches and fibers). It has been proposed that the "age plus 5 (five) rule" be applied when determining the appropriate amounts of dietary fiver for young children. You just add 5 (five) to the age of your child to get the number (in grams) of fiber your child should consume each day. For example. My son is 2 (two) years old; I would add 5 (five) to his age (2+5 = 6) so my son needs 6g of fiber per day.
When the child reaches an adults caloric intake...

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