SCI 245 UOP Courses Tutorial / Uoptutorial

SCI 245 UOP Courses Tutorial / Uoptutorial

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SCI 245 Week 1 CheckPoint Study of Earth
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CheckPoint: Study of Earth
Review Ch.1 in Visualizing Geography. This chapter discusses the Earth as a system comprised of four subsystems.
Write a 200- to 300-word description of how these four subsystems interact with one another. In your response, identify one type of resource from each subsystem on which people depend.


SCI 245 Week 9 Final Project Factors and Forces of Geological Fe
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Final Project: Factors and Forces of Geological Features

Choose a state or one of the following regions:

Region 1: Interior Plain
Region 2: Appalachian Highlands
Region 3: Rocky Mountain System
Region 4: Pacific Mountain System
Region 5: Atlantic Plain

Review the different regions at:
Create a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation for your selected state or region.
Address the following in your PowerPoint®:

Describe the various geologic events that have occurred in your region.
Describe the geological features and various types of rocks that formed in the area (for example, mountains, craters, canyons, volcanoes, fault lines, or folds).
Choose one of these geological features to research. What is the most prevalent rock type of the feature? Describe the mineral composition of the rock type.
How old is your geologic feature? Estimate the absolute age of the geological feature, and discuss methods used to determine the age.
What geologic event created your chosen geological feature? Discuss the process of plate tectonics related to the formation.
Discuss the significance of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks in your region.
Discuss the type(s) of weathering and erosion...

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