Science and Technology - Intellogent Systems

Science and Technology - Intellogent Systems

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ABSTRACT—Broadband satellite based IP network congestion control is becoming a serious issue towards commitment of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to honor the guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS). In satellite communication systems, the channel performance might be severely degraded due to the dynamic weather conditions leading to network congestion. The inherent large bandwidth-delay product of satellite channels impede the existing numerous congestion control schemes to be applied to satellite networks. In this paper, a new congestion index is defined to indicate the degree of the network congestion as a function of queue and weather characteristics. A novel intelligent packet dropping mechanism is designed based on fuzzy logic. Simulation results and analyses show that the newly developed congestion control method is effective and efficient for broadband satellite-based IP networks.


Satellite networks and transmissions play a significant and major role in numerous fields. They find their application in fields of computer communications, telephone communications, television broadcasting, transportation, banking and finance, SCADA to name a few. Recent trends in telecommunications indicate that four major growth market/service areas are: messaging and navigation services (wireless and satellite), mobility services (wireless and satellite), video delivery services (cable and satellite), and interactive multimedia services (fiber/cable, satellite). Coupling the characteristics of satellites such as wide area coverage, multicast capabilities and wide area coverage with terrestrial networks opens up vast market opportunities. Due to its extensive geographic reach, satellite communications may be the only solution in those areas where terrestrial high-bandwidth communications infrastructure is impractical or non-existent. Also satellite...

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