Science Project - Diaper Leak

Science Project - Diaper Leak

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´╗┐Science Experiment

Lynette Trigge
June 3, 2008

In this experiment, I want to identify if a store brand of diaper will leak liquid before a name brand diaper. I have found that there have been a few different types of experiments that are similar to what I am researching. One I had found on Steve Spangler website. In his experiment he is using the gel from inside the diaper to hold water. Although, he is not looking for a specific amount of liquid to hold this is the same type of information that I am researching. In another experiment, although this one has a comical theme, they tested just one type of name brand diaper. Using a non-conventional means of distributing the liquid, the results of this test had measureable results. Another test I had read was from a homeschooling website that was teaching the children about polymers. In this experiment, they were not testing the diaper itself, but were discussing as to why the diaper was able to hold water.
The outcome I intend to show from my experiment is that name brand diapers, Pampers in this case, can hold more liquid than a store brand diaper, in this case White Cloud from Wal-Mart Stores. I will take three diapers of each the Pampers and the White Cloud brand. Both are size three diapers. I will have six cups of pre-measured water set out next to my table that holds the diapers. I will use a funnel directly touching the center of the diaper and will fill a small sized funnel with each cup of water and allow for the water to absorb into the diaper before adding the next cup. I will record each time a cup is emptied into the diaper, and document if the liquid was fully absorbed without leaks from the sides or underneath of the diaper. I will do the same steps three times to each diaper so I can show that the results should be approximately the same. I will be using a data log to document each cup and the results for each diaper. The variables in this experiment are the amount of liquid...

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