Deforestation caused by human activity is happening in many parts of the world, with serious results for the environment. What do you think can be done to solve this problem?

Over the last thousands of years as a result of human activities, deforestation has occurred excessively all over the glob and has created myriad irreversible impacts on the environment. Some important causes and relevant solutions would be discussed below.

Owing to humankind requirements, deforestation especially within the last 50 years has increased significantly, instances such as : agriculture,urbinazation,logging,etc have played considerable role in this regard. For example: felling trees in the ancient and modern times has been done in order to extend the farms areas to produce more crops. On the other hand population growth and expansion caused more trees to be cut down and use more vast spaces for building more roads,bridges,factories,etc.

According to a statistic the world’s annual deforestation rate is estimated about 14,000,000 hacters a year, roughly half of this area gets reforested each year, but new forests don't function as the same previous intact terms due to the special biodiversity and microbial soil condition. Moreover forests provide lots of habitats for various animals including: terrestrial and aquatic species that due to the aforesaid circumstances many of them are become endanger with extinction. Another crucial consequences are flood,drought and soil erosion; Trees act as a canopy and keep the soil moist, so by obliterate the vegetation, the soil is directly exposed to the sun and making it dry. In addition without roots the increased run-off and decreased in rainfall retention will occur.

Therefore, the quickest solution would be to simply stop cutting down trees, though due to agreements among some countries the pace has slowed a bit in recent years, but it's not sufficient. Other practices are : plant more trees and land purchase and acquisition...

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