Do you think that culture effects what you do to stay healthy? I believe that culture does affect the types of sports people do to stay healthy. I believe this because I have interviewed three people from three different cultures.

The first person I interviewed was my friend. He is European and he plays soccer. He says he plays soccer because in his culture soccer is the biggest sport. Also he used to live in Europe. He has been playing this sport to stay active and physically fit.

The second person I interviewed was my best friend. He moved to the UK and everyone there was crazy about rugby. I asked him why do they like rugby and he said because American football is for girls because they cant play with out pads.

The third and final person I interviewed was my teacher Mrs. McDoom. She is from India and the game that she used to play to stay fit was cricket. I asked why cricket she said because cricket has been played in India for so long, it takes an immense amount of skill to play the game.

My thesis was that culture affected the type of sports people play to stay healthy. The thesis was correct because everyone I interviewed play sports that there culture plays. My thesis has now become true.

Christopher Columbus “discovered”
America when he was searching for
Asia. This is important because
this started everything for America.

Spanish Captain Pizarro captured
and destroyed an Empire in America.
This is important because this was when
the peaceful Empires began to be

Jamestown was the first settlement
in the Virginia Colony. This is important
because it was the capital of Virginia.

People left the other settlements to
go to Massachusetts for better land and
for religious beliefs. This is important
because this was known as the Great
Migration to venture out and find new lands.

These were the first battles of the revolutionary
War. This is important because this set the

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