Personally I would opt to be a hero any time.

Honestly there are heroes around us all the time. Being a hero doesn’t require super powers, vast resources, mighty muscles or any of the stereotypical aspects we thinkk of with the word hero.

Heroes are those people who help heal others, be their wounds physical, mental or emotional. Nurses, EMTs, firefighters, law enforcement all spring immediately to mind.

But let’s go beyond those obvious answers and think about teachers who inspire, who seek out positions in schools that may not pay the most or have the most resources, but they choose those schools because they know the students NEED them.

Other heroes are those who work with people suffering addiction. They know they can’t save everyone, but they keep trying because any life they can help save, any person they can help kick their addiction, makes all the sacrifice worthwhile.

Anyone who works with people suffering any sort of disability, austism, brain injury, speech and language issues, spinal cord injuries…. These dedicated professionals don’t do it for the money or the glory. They do it out of a sense of compassion, a desire to help others and their works gives their lives a rich sense of purpose.

Other heroes are those single parents who are fully involved in their child’s life. The ones who work full time and still juggle everything to give their children a home where they know they are loved, where they are encouraged and who give their children their time. They are most often not financially rich and often go without, but they make the sacrifices out of love and a need to see their children have the best life possible.

In fact I suspect the majority of people, who aren’t villains, have been heroes from time to time. If you’ve ever helped someone when you didn’t have to, when you didn’t know them and had nothing to gain. For that shining moment you have likely been a hero. And don’t discount even the small acts of kindness. You just...

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