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a. The highest part of a wave is called the crest.
b. The lowest part of the wave is called the trough.
c. The stronger the wind the bigger the wave.

a. The Center for Integrated Marine Technologies (CIMT) ended in July 2008.
b. The CIMT brought together scientists from different disciplines to study the central California upwelling system.
c. Their goal is to make a permanent ocean monitoring program.

a. Not all star fish have 5 legs some species have up to 40 legs.
b. Sea stars are related to sand dollars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers, all of which are echinoderms.
c. Echinoderms have five-point radial symmetry.

a. Oil spills can kill wildlife.
b. For major spills, often the best perspective is from high above.
c. Oil spills can destroy habitat

a. The fossil of the state of Missouri is the “sea lily”.
b. The fossil of the state of Maine is the Pleurocoelus (state dinosaur).
c. The fossil of the state of California is the Smilodon floridanus.

a. Earth is four thousand, six hundred million years old 4,600 million years old.
b. Cenozoic means recent life.
c. Mesozoic Era lasted about 180 million years.

a. The name Hadean Eon comes from Hades, the underworld of Greek mythology.
b. The term Archean means “ancient” and was originally used to refer to the oldest known rocks.
c. The term Proterozoic comes from the Greek words proteros (meaning “first”) and zoon (meaning “life”).