scince fair

scince fair

What is the best product for getting rid of tough stains – laundry detergent or bleach?

I researched the ingredients in Clorox 2 Original and Tide Free laundry detergent. I also researched what kinds of stains they can get out best and what the ingredient are supposed to do.

The ingredients in Clorox 2 are: Hydrogen Peroxide, which is an oxygen-based bleaching agent, used to remove stains and is used in color-safe bleaches; Isopropanol, which is used as a solvent in all-purpose cleaning products to disinfect products; Sodium Hydroxide, which is used as a pH adjuster to remove soils that are fatty, oily or acidic; and C-11.15 Alcohols Ethoxylated 9EO, which are cleaning agents that have strong grease-cutting abilities.

Tide Free is made out of the same ingredients as original Tide, except for the dyes and perfumes found in original Tide. Tide Free is made out of surfactant molecules, which are both water-friendly and anti-water. Hydrophillic, the water-friendly ingredient, breaks the water's tension, while the anti-water ingredient, Hydrophobic, attracts soil and stains, freeing them from the fabric. Tide Free also has fluorescent brighteners and enzymes to remove tougher stains.
I believe both products would remove stains, but I think Clorox 2 would get clothes whiter and get out stains better because the ingredients in Clorox 2 seem to be stronger and there are more stain-fighting ingredients.

As you can see, I chose this project to find out which laundry detergent would be as good as bleach in getting out the makeup stains from my sister's white shirts. I chose Clorox because it is a type of bleach, and it is supposed to whiten clothes. I also think Clorox would work better because it uses hot water, and heat is supposed to expand items, so detergent can get into the fabric easier and clean more effectively.

I would do this,
get a messy shirt with dirt or makeup on it
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