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science and technology gives more 2. An alternative approach to measure low level winds at Esrange
University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Space Science, Kiruna
AUTHOR : Sheikh Zahidul Islam; [2008]
KEYWORDS : Wind Speed; Wind Direction; GPS; Wind Tower;

ABSTRACT : When a rocket is launched from Esrange, all the way from ground up to 1000m is of great importance regarding the wind conditions and high resolution measurement. In order to determine the safety of landing and takeoff conditions, wind data is essential.Meteorological service is one the pre-flight services provided by Esrange before flight. READ MORE

3. Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Genetic ALgorithm and Simulated Annealing
University essay from Högskolan Dalarna / Institutionen för Akademin Industri och samhälle
AUTHOR : Akos Kovàcs; [2008]
KEYWORDS : Simulated Annealing; SA; Genetic Algorithm; GA; Traveling Salesman Problem; TSP; Vehicle Routing Problem; VRP; heuristics; solution; optimal solution; path; feasible path; search taboo search; heuristics;

ABSTRACT : This Thesis Work will concentrate on a very interesting problem, the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). In this problem, customers or cities have to be visited and packages have to be transported to each of them, starting from a basis point on the map. READ MORE

4. Active light for a small planetary rover
University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Space Science, Kiruna
AUTHOR : Canute Mascarenhas; [2008]
KEYWORDS : obstacle detection; planetary rover; active light; computer vision; outdoor mobile robot;

ABSTRACT : The planetary rovers must be able to accurately, quickly, and reliably perceive the terrain for navigation. The main objective of the thesis is to realize a laser-based optical system for obstacle detection at unknown terrain for a planetary rover. READ MORE

5. Analysis of ionospheric sounding data from Mars Express
University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Space Science,...