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Supply Chain Management
Year 3 (2007/08), Semester 6

Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Mobile Business Solutions

Assignment 2


Student No. Student Name Tutorial Group
S10025601B TOH JUN HAO


1. Use the above ERP operations modules to answer the following. You should explain with enough text and/or illustrations so as to make your choice clear and unambiguous.
a. Recommend four modules which will achieve the greatest information visibility across at least 2 departments. Explain the choice of each module by describing which department benefits and how they will benefit.
(20% x 4)
The 4 ERP modules that will benefit Nissan are:
1) Sales
2) Purchase
3) Inventory
4) Warehouse
An overview of the ERP system:

1. Sales Module
Sales Module covers functions such as creating orders, processing orders, generating product pricing, verifying shipments, and checking order status for customers. And daily transactions were processed into the Point of Sales (PoS) system as a database for monthly/annually sales performance. Sales module can also check inventory availability of the product that they wish to sell.

The Sales module will benefit the various departments namely Sales and Marketing, Procurement, Inventory, Operations/Production and Accounting and Finance.

Sales and Marketing
Sales and Marketing department have lots of records of existing customers’ transactions, and a lot of future transactions to deal with. With these large piles of records, it is a hassle for staff to retrieve customer information from physical customer files and adding thickness of the file with new records, and also problems of handling wrong product pricing or non-existing product to customer as quotation such problem is due to the poor maintenance of the customer file and product file. Returned goods will also be another problem. Returned product from customers to Nissan would...

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