Process Analysis at Starwood

The management at The Phoenician can improve the stewarding process by coming up with the best design for its buildings in order to solve its problems of time wastage, as well as an accurate means to track/ assign work duties that will cut down on the frequency of lag times within a steward’s work flow. With a more efficient process for the assignment of work functions, stewards assigned to designate areas will always be maintaining a steady flow of work and never idly waiting on another task, ultimately creating more efficiency within the overall system of The Phoenician. Additionally, management can work towards a redesign of the buildings and landscaping that will eliminate the current limitations preventing staff from moving between kitchens quickly. Within the redesign, manager should also create a faster means by which staff can travel to and from kitchen in case of needed assistance. Perhaps a golf cart system could be implemented that would cut down travel times for stewards from kitchen to kitchen.

Overall, a POI program can help Starwood to improve upon the productivity of its hotel stewards by uncovering the inefficiencies of its current process and providing an idea of what areas need to be changed. With such a program, the Starwood would ensure that it better streamline the processes of its stewards, thus making more efficient use of its resources—inevitably leading to higher levels of productivity and overall profitability. By streamlining the processes of its stewards, the Starwood could ensure that only the required numbers of stewards are present and available for duty as needed (based upon projected levels of activity from the records of previous years & scheduled banquets/reservations).

The benefits of the POI program can also be extended to other processes and properties within the Starwood system. Once the POI program has been implemented, tweaked for any necessary changes, and begins to deliver...

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