Screw press of the palm oil processing machines

Screw press of the palm oil processing machines

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Screw press of the palm oil processing machines:
palm oil standard: FFA: less than 5%
Moisture: less than 0.1%
Dirt: less than 0.02%
Core criteria:
Broken kernel: less than 15%
Humidity: less than 7%
Dirt: less than 6%
Make the process of palm oil:
Disinfection: high temperature cooking string and disinfection (145 ° C, 90-120min).
Threshing station ( separate pile fruit through strong vibration.
Digestion: mixing the fruit, and then digested.
Urgent: the separation of meat and the kernel, to give crude palm oil and kernel (no cracks, is sent to the machine).
Clarification: the separation of oil and sludge (resulting in 90 percent pure oil), the oil contains 45% -55% water, sludge and other wastes.
Purification: Oil purification treatment to improve purity.
Drying: using a continuous vacuum dryer pumped from the oil in the water, the water was reduced to 0.1%.
PLAM kernel oil extraction process
Filters: dried by windy, then blown fiber and other lightweight waste is separated at the surface of the kernel and fiber.
Smash: crushed fruit, get your kernel and shell, in the cyclone, the proportion using them independently.
Pressing: Get the crude palm kernel oil.
Palm oil fractionation:
The oil will be a solid or semi - solid at normal 30-40 degrees.
Such solid fatty acid can be used in the production of foods.
So some people like to extract the solid fatty acids. We can make oil fractionation AT8,16,24,32 degrees.
Palm oil refinery plant ( )process line

CPO unglued - decolorization - deacidification - - dewaxing - separation.

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