Screw press to create words make you think of me

Screw press to create words make you think of me

Before many farmers deep road mountain village far, every oil extraction peak comes, power instability, press often will not start or

a trip, but came to repair the electricity employees alone time on the road going a more than an hour, for this reason, oil production

has been low, low income villagers. Now with the rapid social economic development, rural electricity gained in importance, after the repair

Electric Power Bureau, Wang uncle's house had electricity protection, energy saving devices plus new oil press, the same lower yields electric

power 40%, with an average hourly save 6 kWh per day of electricity production can save 30 yuan. Now some canola oil can be more pressing

every day, this one's income increased to more than 30,000, not only for the electricity sector, more energy-press equipment thanks, let Uncle Wang home press can start from 6:00 in the morning runs until 22:00 Xie workers, income is considerable. After

looking at Uncle Wang's own income, joy is palpable.

Press section is exclusively developed by our FIRST latest energy saving screw press, no noise, low power consumption, the same yield of 60%

labor savings, 1-2 people can organize production, day labor saving effect of about 40 yuan. Can meet user demand for various oilseeds processing, product design novel,

supporting reasonable structure, practical, safe and secure, intelligent press, efficient fine filter, greatly improving the oil yield, the product has a small footprint, low investment in most good economic characteristics, regardless of production or individual oil mill processing factories are appropriate. Automatic oil press equipment, so that more rural residents get the real benefits. Is the ideal choice for your investment.

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