Script Screen

Script Screen

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FADE IN: EXT. UPSCALE MODERN HOME - NIGHT The ultimate bachelor pad. it. A Porsche is parked in front of

ANNIE (O.S.) I’m so glad you called. TED (O.S.) I’m so glad you were free. ANNIE (O.S.) I love your eyes. TED (O.S.) Cup my balls. ANNIE (O.S.) Ok, yes, alright, I can do that. TED (O.S.) Oh, there it is! INT. BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS ANNIE WALKER, mid 30's, is having sweaty sex with TED, handsome, 40. In a series of close-ups and jump cuts, we see Annie in the middle of a very long, vigorous session. ANNIE Oh, that feels good. TED You know what to do! ANNIE I’m so glad I got to see you again. JUMP CUT to see she’s now bouncing on top of him. ANNIE (CONT’D) Oh yes! (then, looking concerned) Uh, okay, wait, hold on. You and I are on different rhythms I think. TED I want to go fast!

2. ANNIE Sure--

Oh, Okay.

He bounces Annie SUPER FAST. INT. CLEAN, UPSCALE MODERN BATHROOM - MORNING Annie stands in front of a mirror in nice lingerie. She puts on lotion, make-up, brushes her hair, mascara, etc. She getting ready to... Creep back into the bed, where Ted is still sleeping. She gets in and begins to position herself to show her good parts. Coughs and nudges Ted to wake him up. Annie quickly pretends she’s still asleep. He taps her. ANNIE (gasps/ pretending) Oh! I was having a nightmare, I was so scared. Good Morning. TED Good morning. You look beautiful. ANNIE (acting embarrassed) What? No. I’m sure I look terrible. I just woke up. I’m sure I’m a mess. TED You slept over. I did. ANNIE

TED I thought we had a rule against that. ...oh. ANNIE

TED I’m kidding. ANNIE Oh, that’s funny. You’re funny in the morning. TED I like hanging out with you.

3. ANNIE I love hanging out with you. I think we get along really well. And you’re so sexy... TED I know. Look, I just have a lot coming up at work. And I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. ANNIE We’re on the same page. I’m not looking for a relationship right now either, let’s just say that. Whatever you...

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