sculpture list

sculpture list


Silk & Burlap | 28 E Patrick

VISIONS | 16 N Market

2016: Year of the Monkey

Fire in Ice features more than 75 ice
McGuire Fine Arts | 29 E Patrick
sculptures at businesses throughout
Downtown Frederick. Check them out, The Frame is the Artist’s Reward
take a photo, and share using
Chic to Chic | 30 E Patrick

Visionary Visions

Around Town

Club Aqua Lounge

Big Cork Vineyards | 50 Carroll Creek
The Big Grape Escape
Wine Kitchen on the Creek |
50 Carroll Creek

Stay Chic with Louis

Dream House | 102 E Patrick
Living the Dream
Emporium Antiques | 112 E Patrick
“Patrick” the Penguin

Sparkling Wine Luge

AIGA Blue Ridge | 122 E Patrick

SIX EAST Salon & Spa | 6 E Church


A Piece of Our Heart
The Museum of Frederick County History
& Edenton Retirement Community |
24 E Church

The Muse, Hunting Creek Outfitters,
Molly’s Meanderings | 19 N Market
Live Bold and Celebrate Life
Club Aqua Lounge | 20 N Market
Elliott CPA & Elliott Marketing Solutions |
30 N Market
We Love Frederick
Hood College | 52 N Market
Hood College Shield
Natural Alternative | 100 N Market
Natural Alternative Ice Melt

East Street
Aspire & Frederick Basket Co| 12 N East

Baltimore Gold of Frederick |
110 N Market

When Fire Meets Ice

Cameo Brooch

Frederick Coin Exchange | 20 N East

Firestone’s Market | 113 N Market

1901 Bison Note

Do you want to Build a Snowman

The Welcoming Angel

Shab Row Tea Emporium | 112 N East

Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic | 118 N Market

Magoo’s Pub & Eatery | 1-A W 2nd

Drink Me

Crawl-Ins Welcome

Luck of the Irish

Accents at Shab Row and Primitive
Homespuns | 120 N East

The Pasta Palette | 121 N Market

Framing History
Evangelical Lutheran Church |
31 E Church

Crisafulli’s Cheese Shop | 8 E 2nd
The Home of Perfect Pairings
The Blue Side | 6 S Bentz
Honky Tonkin’ in Frederick
Paws in the City |...

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