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Term Project

Jordan Belcher
Phi 126 - 002

For my assignment I chose to interview John Zellmer. He is the pastor at Good Sheherd Lutheran Church. I only talked with him for a short period of time, however I learned a lot about his religion in the short period of time. I also had the chance to observe the members of the church. During the time I was there I talked to him about what his teachings and practices were. I also learned about leadership and how the church reaches out to the community. Lastly I talked to him about his duties as a pastor.
I drove to the church on Sunday, September 14. I arrived in the morning around 9:15 am. This was the first time I’ve ever been to this church. I saw it was close in the yellow pages so I decided to call them up. The first thing I noticed was a large white cross in the grass. It was about eight feet tall. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church looked like a typical church and it was average sized. The walls were made of bricks and the roof was brownish red. There was also a big point in the middle of the roof. There were a lot of people at the church. There about ten other cars beside mine. There were two large triangular pine trees in front of the door. The entrance had a double door that had two windows in it. As I entered the church the first thing I noticed was the cross in the middle of the wall. It was made of blue stained glass with a wooden lining on the outside. Under the cross was an altar with a bible placed on a book stand. To the left and right of the altar were a couple of candles. In front of the altar were two rows of wooden benches with bibles in front of them. Most of the people there were middle aged couples with their children. Everyone was dressed pretty casual except for a few people in formal clothing. I sat next to an older man in the back of the church and I told him I was there for a school assignment. He told me it was a great church and he had been going there for a couple of years. He pointed...

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