Sea Gods

Sea Gods

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There are many Sea Gods in the Greek Culture. Many of them have their own powers, looks and myths, but they have one thing in common. That thing in common is the Sea; most of these creatures either control the sea or dwell in it waiting for humans to sail by. Each God is special in their own way and these are their stories.

The biggest of all the sea Gods is Poseidon. Poseidon is the king of all the sea, floods and rivers; he also controls droughts and earthquakes. You might hear Poseidon be called Neptune, his Latin name. Poseidon cannot be mistaken for his looks. He has an old white beard and is holding a three-prong fishing spear. In statues Poseidon is riding a chariot pulled by hippocampus or dolphins.
He cannot be mistaken for myths like; Destroying Troy’s walls or teaching Odysseus a lesson on his way home from Troy.

The Sirens also tortured Odysseus by their songs. Odysseus tied himself to the ship to hear their song. He put beeswax is men’s ears so they could hear the Sirens. Their song and beauty are addicting to men and tempt them to swim towards the Sirens. The men rot away because they wouldn’t want to leave.
Their beauty is as addicting as their songs are. In the Early century, the Sirens are half birds with large human heads, in later years they have bird feet with human bodies.

Triton a half human and half merman lives in the deep sea with his father, Poseidon. According to legend he lived in a palace but in Greek culture Triton lived on a coast in Libya.
Triton is found in many modern day cultures. He is the father of Ariel in “The Little Mermaid.” He is also in many comic book series like; “Wonder Women” and “Aquaman.”

Another Character in “Aquaman” is Charybdis, who has super-human strength. In mythology, Charybdis has a massive mouth she swallows a huge quantity of water three times a day. Afterwards she spits the water back out again, creating whirlpools. Charybdis was original a naiad until she stole Heracles cattle. Zeus...

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