SEC 310 WK 11 Final Exam

SEC 310 WK 11 Final Exam

SEC 310 WK 11 Final Exam
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Multiple Choice

1. Transnational organized crime affects governmental agencies, social institutions, those who reside near it, and the operation is considered to be:

a. negative

b. positive

c. financial

d. economic

2. ____________________ is involved primarily with victimless crimes such as gambling, loan sharking, narcotics, prostitution and desired illegal goods and services to the general public.

a. Vice crime

b. Organized crime

c. White collar crime

d. Street crime

3. A high volume of ______________________ crime may affect a city as victimization and fear override proper social functioning on the part of citizens.

a. street

b. vice

c. organized

d. white collar

4. ____________________undermines and threatens the state not only in terms of justice and social order, but also in terms of economic viability.

a. Terrorist

b. Terrorism

c. Militias

d. TOC

5. Which model explains the creation of TOC groups’ enterprises?

a. Economic model

b. Enterprise model

c. Political model

d. Market model

6. Which of the following models helps to facilitate the growth of TOC organizations?

a. social model.

b. enterprise model.

c. political model.

d. market model.

7. The UN study helped to identify how many of the unique organizational structures employed by TOC?

a. six

b. four

c. three

d. five

8. The final type of criminal organization identified by the UN study was the:

a. clustered hierarchy.

b. core group.

c. regional hierarchies.

d. criminal network.

9. What is the name of the drug cartel that transports drugs to countries where they are sold at the wholesale/retail level by TOC groups?

a. Mexican.


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