Security Assesment

Security Assesment

July 7, 2010

TO: Mr. Otero

RE: Westwood College in Anaheim Security Assessment
1551 S. Douglass Road
 Anaheim, CA 92806

File: CJ171

On Thursday July 1, 2010, Yadira De Santiago conducted an on-site assessment regarding the security features utilized at the above captioned facility.

This assessment was conducted to identify possible vulnerabilities to criminal acts, such as illegal entry, burglary and malicious property damage to Westwood College and their students. During the review assistance, and information was provided by Clinton Kirkwood-Director of the Criminal Justice Education, and Security officer Elliot.


Westwood College in Anaheim is a very warming, and friendly environment. The staff are very welcoming. While I was doing my assessment I noticed that all the offices are always open. The reception desk is open and accessible to anyone who walks in. I also noticed no panic buttons but did see radios to get in contact with security officer. There is a library where anyone can walk in as well, and have access to all the computers. In the second floor, there is the Education department, again doors are always open and accessible to anyone. There are many computer rooms, and study rooms that are accessible to anyone who walks in and it is a high risk to anyone coming in and can easily put a virus in the computers.

I entered some of the classrooms, and I noticed that classrooms are always open during a class session. A plus is the lighting when no motion in the class room they turn off by themselves and is a plus to saving on electricity. I also noticed too many students in a classroom where the maximum capacity in a room that size is 30 and there has been more than 30 students at once. The desks are hazardous the way they are arranged. The projector screen is very hazardous, as it can fall easily because it is not well secured. Another thing I notice was the A/C box is open, and anyone can access it...

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