Security in Schools

Security in Schools

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Problems of violence in schools today are a major concern of many Americans. A crime in and around the premises of schools threatens the well being of students, staff, and the surrounding communities. Violence in school holds back the students learning and achievements. Violence is defined more in public school systems than private. A private school expresses a better teaching environment, and has less tolerance than they do in public schools. It is said that wearing uniforms help to keep more peace in the school (Marian Wilde 2007). When students are attending school wearing uniforms, they do not get made fun of for not wearing brand name clothing. When students laugh and joke on other students, it contributes to the student that is the victim to develop low self-esteem, which is why a student would bring violence into a school.

As the years gone by ideas of home schooling is slowly changing because of the violence. Schools violence is very frightening ad it concerns the parents, students, educators, law enforcement personnel, and policymakers at all levels of the government. While there is some evidence suggesting the actual level and rate of violence is declining the United States.

Students attend schools to learn, but it's hard to concentrate on studying in an environment where students, staff, and parents are continuously worrying about personal safety. There are many forms of security equipment that can provide extra layers of safety for educational institutes. Many schools are concerned about weapons in their facilities. Most schools often employ metal detectors to search students and others entering a building. Security guards for schools are a must. Whether if it's a public or a private school, security guards must be presence to keep the school staff and students in the safe environment. Parents should educate themselves with the literature in their children schools.

Effective solution requires that parents have accurate information about...

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