Security of the Double Tree Hotel in Down Town San Diego

Security of the Double Tree Hotel in Down Town San Diego

“The Security Issues of the Double Tree Hotel”

The issues of security that the Double Tree Hotel in down town is currently dealing with are theft, loitering of the homeless and the occasional noise disturbance; it is my job to make sure those things don’t happen. I am currently work the grave shift Thursday through Mondays as the security officer at the Double Tree in Down Town San Diego hired on 05/05/11 through (O.D.O.) Off Duty Officers.

My duties entail patrolling of the lobby area, outside perimeter of the lobby areas; such as entry doors, kitchen, basement, parking lots 2/ human resources offices act., 3,4 parking lots w/ the stairwells leading to the basement to the 5th Floor; gym, pool area, conference rooms, kitchen area/storage area, outside balcony, 6th floor through the 23rd floor roof top, the 24th floor, deliver the receipts to the rooms who are checking out the next day around 0130/0200 and deliver the paper to the necessary rooms.

There are two guards patrol the perimeter for 16 hours a day which are from 1600 hours to 0800 hours except for Saturdays there is a guard 24 hours.

The equipment that the standing officer uses while on shift are: company cell phone; so I can get a hold of my field supervisor, a walk-e-talk-e that is used for communication with the standing manager and front desk, set of 8 keys used to open rear lobby doors/delivery access/house-keeping/storage area/ pool area and the 5th floor conference rooms, a LED flash light; to see in those dim areas where light plays a major factor, a (DETEX) is a electronic guard tour system is an essential tool for any company providing guard services. With a guard tour system, guards


can prove exactly when, specifically where and what they inspected at a client’s location. Having a guard tour system improves service quality and is an invaluable solution.

Other than the security officer on duty there are 5 cameras in the hotel; one camera is pointed to...

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