Security Tips for Your Computer

Security Tips for Your Computer

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Please visit these web pages at your leisure time. Following these tips can help to avoid further infections on your computer:

Security Tips

1)Please never open any anonymous emails or attachments,

by doing so malicious programs may enter into your computer and that may even crashes your computer.

2)Avoid clicking on any links that you are not sure who the sender is and/or if you are not sure where the links may send take you to. This applies to all links including links sent in an e-mail, Instant Messaging (IM), Chat services, unfamiliar web pages, etc.

3) Never click or open any advertisements or popups.

4)If a pop up window opens up, always close it by clicking on the cross mark on the top right corner. Do not use other ways, such as clicking on buttons like 'Cancel' to close the popup.

5)Do not enter any of your Personal information in any Un-Authorized sites.

6)Always read the License Agreement carefully before installing any software from the internet. Usually free softwares or sharewares are associated with viruses. These softwares appear to be legitimate, but in fact they are related to viruses/spywares. Typical examples are 'Winfixer', 'WinAntivirus' etc.

7) Always perform the live updates and do the scan on a daily basis.

8)It is always important that the live updates are performed so as to obtain the latest Virus definitions and I am sure your system will be threat free in the future.

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