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APC 100

You must use the information from your PD score sheet, PD lecture, and in-class exercises to answer the following questions:

1. Hand in your “Scoring my Personality Dimensions” totals sheet - your banana yellow (not bright yellow) sheet only. Please do not submit your entire PD package. Please submit an electronic copy of your scoresheet with your electronic submission of the assignment, and a hardcopy of your scoresheet in class. (3 marks)
(Note: assignments will be considered incomplete without this form and will not be graded)
2. Research Question:
a. Define personality using a personality model that was not discussed in class.
Note that the definition of personality will change depending on the personality model. Use 3-5 external sources (i.e., not your textbook) to describe the concept of personality. Think about what personality means to you and search for a theory that best fits your ideas. Please do not describe personality from your own personal perspective and knowledge; research must be conducted to answer this question.
Describe the personality model you selected in detail and in your own words. That is, describe each factor in the model. Direct quotes and internet sources should not be used. Online sources should not be used unless they are peer-reviewed. (4 marks)
(Note: use correct APA format for in-text citations and reference list).
b. Describe how each factor in the model you selected is part (a) applied to communication. Give real world examples and applications to communication. You are not required to conduct research to answer this question. No sources should be used in this part of your answer. Please draw on your own understanding of interpersonal interactions. You may use the communication principles and concepts from your textbook to answer part (b).
You are not required to compare and contrast the model you selected with Personality dimensions. In fact, you...

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