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Problem Identification and Solution Selectionocess Improvement Paper
Learning Team B
Dwight Chestnut,
Macdonald Dsouza,
Marvin Neal ,
Douglas Powell

MMGT 554-Operations Management
Cherie Mitchell
July 2216, 2003

Problem Identification and Solution Selection Paper Process Improvement Paper
The Learning Team B, better known as the Better Business Team B (BBTB), is a group of four working professional men whose purpose is to regularly work together on a daily basis around a shared output or a specific goal. For the purpose of this paper, BBTB has been charged with putting together a process improvement plan that would best fit an organization’s or industry’s, needs and operations and to put together a plan that lists the expectation of a competitive advantage. After careful consideration, BBTB decided to choose the air industry to evaluate and assess a few of its critical key areas of concentration. For this assessment, we will be evaluating the following topics: loosing baggage or luggage; standing in long lines; and rescheduling flights.
Loosing Baggage or Luggage
It's not uncommon for airline passengers to arrive at their final destination and find out that part/all of their baggage hasn’t arrived with them. This is especially true where a connecting flight is involved. If there are flight delays then the possibility exists that the baggage will not be transferred in time to make that connecting flight. Also if it is snowing or the aircraft used for the connecting flight is small or weight sensitive; a conscious decision may be made by the airline to not load the heavy baggage. No doubt baggage delays are the most common complaint that airlines receive from passengers.
Even though airlines cover lost or damaged baggage and clothing to a maximum of $2,500 per passenger on domestic flights, but they won't cover electronics, antiques, jewelry or fragile items like fine china (Richards 2003). Thus customers have...

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