Selection Structure Paper

Selection Structure Paper

Part 2: Selection Structure Paper

Use the Part 1: Programming Solution Proposal you developed in Week Two and select one section of the proposal that requires a selection structure.

Write a 2- to 3-page paper describing the purpose of that structure and write the pseudocode for that structure. Examine any iteration control structure. If the program you described in Week Two does not lend itself well to the inclusion of a selection structure, create a new example of a selection structure.

Create a Visual Logic flowchart that parallels this pseudocode.

Test the flowchart to make sure that it executes properly and produces correct results.

Submit the paper and the Visual Logic file.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

This paper will describe one core section of my proposal that was developed in the previous week. I will depict one selection structure and iteration control structure along with pseudo code from last week’s assignment. In previous week programming solution proposal we determined the existing problem at my organization regard to seeking for a new candidate and managing former documents. HR in my organization has to advertise new position in multiple web sites and managing the work flow thru multiple web site is very cumbersome. Proposed system will consolidate all the management into our own web site, so HR, PM and candidate can access appropriate information in one central location.

Recommendation for this problem was to create one extranet web site which will be compatible with most browser. This web site or “Career site” will allow access to three different type of users known as HR, PM, and Candidate. Each will have specific set of privileges to access different part of the section in career site. This login section will be a modular where its only functionality are authenticate and authorize different part of the web page(s).

This login Section or class will encapsulate authenticate and authorization...

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