Self Esteem Myths

Self Esteem Myths

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Exploding the Self Esteem Myth.

When I first read the research in this article I had to read it again to fully understand it ( I think I understand it). I still don’t know if I agree or disagree what it is trying to say, but I think I agree with most.

After I read this article I would have to say that sometimes I have high self esteem and sometimes I have low self esteem. When I think of high self esteem I think about happiness and usually when I am happy I am staying active by working out, going to school, or doing something to improve my life. Generally most of my self esteem comes from working out and trying to look good (or what I think looks good). When reading the section about artificial esteem, it makes me wonder if I have deeper issues I have to deal with.

When I think about low self esteem I think about things in my life that are not going well, when things are not going well for me I try to think rational. I find myself always second guessing peoples actions trying to figure out what there true motivation is. I also think that low self esteem makes me strive to do better by challenging my self to get out of the funk that I currently am in.

Like I said in the beginning I think I agree with most of what this article says. I think people have good days and bad days and that affects their self esteem.

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