Self introduction

Self introduction

How to Introduce Yourself (Self Introduction)
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Everyone in their life time, have to introduce themselves to the audience or they they have to tell about themselves to the interviewer.

It is the speech which lies around 30 seconds to 3 minutes or 5 minutes, but it should not  be more than 5 minutes, in case if any one ask you to tell about you more than five minutes, you have to make a sharp choice of what you have to tell.
But  Do not write an award winning boring autobiography 

It is very important that, it gives the first impression to others about us and it decide our qualifying for job during Interview.

In this Speech, you have to tell who you are and what you are about.
The key question for a successful and effective self introduction speech in both occasions is: How much and what information do you want the audience to know about you?                 

Due to the fact you have to write your speech around one theme, I recommend to develop one aspect of your life. That aspect will tell who you are and what you are about. Some people call this self introduction speech type a one-point speech, because it's based on one speech idea.
Self Introduction Points

Following are the some of the Self Introduction points:

(1) Wishes:  It is the first thing, you have to do in your speech,
At this point only you have to try to grab the attention of the audience.
You have to wish depending upon the time, either “Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening”.
You can wish in different ways to grab the attention of the audience.
Good morning! My Dear Friends.
Good Morning! Ladies and Gentleman.
Good Morning! Beautiful Girls and Handsome Guys.
Good Morning to One and all or Good Morning! Everyone.
Respected Sir, Good Morning.
Special or Lovely or Cool Morning to you all.
There are so many ways you can wish others to grab their attention...

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